Raphael Roques

Photo by Alex Pixelle

I am a professional photographer with over 10 years of experience, specializing in concert and wedding photography. I’m based in Zürich, Switzerland and speak French, English and “es bitzeli” German.

Photography and the memories it catches and reproduces have always been a passion I’ve nurtured by working as a freelance photographer for some of the biggest rock webzines, associative organization and private individuals in France.

I see my work as the quest for the perfect rendering of an emotion, at a given time and in a given space. I’m constantly trying to capture a strong feeling at the right moment, should it be a singer passing a message through his music, a man surprised by the love of his life or a woman’s emotion going astray. The end result should feel like a lucky shot, even in a perfectly controlled environment.

If you are looking for a photographer in Switzerland, France or anywhere in Europe, please feel free to get it touch and I will be happy to guide you through your project.